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I have my own personal conspiracy theory about the PANASONIC S1/S1R and LEICA SL2. I believe Panasonic is creating an on purpose handicapping to the S1R's video capabilities, because the high end features are reserved for the LEICA SL2. The main thing that gives this away is the S1R sensor design which is different to that of the S1, where it has microlenses on the sensor just like a sensors made for a Leica M or even the current SL sensor.

As can be seen on 'DP Reviews' of the PANASONIC S1/S1R:

”The S1R's sensor in particular has been designed to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio by using aspherical microlenses, a 'waveguide' to direct light into the pixel and deep photodiodes to more efficiently capture light. This sets it apart from the BSI approach (that puts the photosensitive area nearer the chip surface) used in the high-res cameras from Sony and Nikon”.

Specs wise the S1R and the LEICA SL2 are going to be almost identical, but the SL2 is going to differentiate it's design by having a fixed rear LCD, full metal body, less buttons and potentially no IBIS. This would also mean no 1.1 crop in video mode and more than likely unlimited recording times. The icing on top would be for 4K60 without an additional crop, this should be possible processing wise if IBIS were left out, similar to the design of the GH5-S. The SL2 will not be marketed as having DFD, however this technology will still be in the camera firmware, particularly working with the LEICA branded lenses, like 24-90 and 90-280mm.

Basically what this has allowed is for PANASONIC to have access to the full frame L mount which they already designed for LEICA 5 years ago. LEICA has fully funded the engineering of the SL2 (and S1R) thus allowing PANNY to effectively enter the full frame system camera’s market at relatively low cost. The SL2 will also be able to use the S to SL adapter, in order to shoot LEICA'S Medium Format Lenses.

I am not informed by anyone, these are just my thoughts on how I see PANASONIC and LEICA moving forward with the collaboration on the L mount system.

LEICA SL2 to be announced at the end of 2019.

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